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Light & Power, Christmas as a sign

Updated: Jan 26, 2019

Winter is an interesting time of year. Besides experiencing the cold and rain, snow and ice, winter is interesting because of the relationship of light and darkness. When the autumn passes and winter comes, the dream is getting shorter, nights are getting longer, dark increases, and sunlight is less.

And so we get into the month of December, when the sun sets somewhere around 4 o'clock in the afternoon, and wakes up in the morning just after seven when darkness is much and light is almost all gone. And when the day is tedious and gloomy and sad, then it becomes much less light and more darkness.

And so it goes every day, every night until 25th day of December, so this holy night when the day is becoming longer and night shorter, when the sun rises early and goes to bed late, when there is more light and less darkness. Isn’t that more than symbolism, more than obvious reality? So it is with human being. Because man is a reflection of nature, and nature is a reflection of the man. Man is a play of light and darkness, night and day. The man is a reflection of the same nature created by the same Creator. Nature is a reflection of the man in all its physics and puzzles, and beauties and mysteries. The two of them are magnificent and hence in both hides the Lord of Light!

And if a man understands Christmas well, then it will be lighter and less darkness, more love, less hate, more sun, less long nights. Therefore let us are the people of Christmas so that we may become the people of light. Being light is a calling. Telling the truth is joy. Only then we will feel the soul of humanity, the innocence of human soul. If we do not accept this simple reality, we will remain empty!

Christmas who holds the whole universe together, in one hand with one message: a message of light! The light gathers, assembles, gives strength, leads, becomes a signpost at all intersections. And when the light finds its permanent dwelling place within human soul, person becomes strong, humbly powerful, aware of the great power of light, and humbled before the Source of Light. Then it is easy to discern good from evil, then it is easier to possess wisdom, then he is strong beyond words and knowledgeable without googled comprehension. So Christmas is a calling to everyone to begin a journey towards Light and trails of Light. Each of us owns the home of his soul, each of us has the responsibility and power to decide: whether we will be the ones who receive the Light, welcomed it or we will those who close the doors and remain selfish and so becoming of the same scenario, centuries repeated scenario from some ancient Bethlehem night when the light was rejected and received. Yes, each of us stands on the same intersection of our own decisions. It would be good for us if we walk with light.

May this Christmas be a challenge: do not stay the same, to journey towards light, taken out of the darkness. And then we may become like Christmas: signs, triggers thoughts, streams of light, good messengers and spokesmen for the Truth!


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