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Search for Wisdom

“In the Middle Ages, prudence was called “the queen of the virtues,” because it enabled one to do the right thing in a particular situation. Prudence is a feel for the moral situation, something like the feel that a quarterback has for the playing field or a politician has for the voters in his district. Wisdom is, like prudence, a kind of vision, but it is, unlike prudence, a sense of the big picture. It is the capacity to survey reality from the vantage point of God, appreciating the grandest perspective. Without wisdom even the most prudent judgment will be erroneous, short-sighted, inadequate. The combination, therefore, of prudence and wisdom is especially powerful. Someone who is both wise and prudent will have both a sense of the big picture and a feel for the particular situation. This is the combination possessed by the saints. This is why so many of the saints could be both ethereal and practical.” (R. Barron)

There is truly an urgent need for wisdom in our time. When values are upside down, when the truth is being mistreated, when the foundation of morals is being shaken, when the correctness of political ideology blinds every other mind and soul, when wisdom is not to be found in educational, cultural and political systems, we need serious resetting of our souls. It is truly time for Christ-like souls to speak what they believe, to live what they speak and to teach what they live. It is Christianity that comes out of the ashes of fear that is powerful enough to give witness. As Christians, our task is to pray constantly that God’s will may be revealed, that people’s eyes may be opened. Wisdom was definitely found in those who traveled before us. Since our collective knowledge comes from the generations before us, then wisdom must be found in the same place.

"Drink water from the spring where horses drink.

The horse will never drink bad water…

Boldly pick the mushroom on which the insects sit.

Plant the tree where the mole digs…

Dig your fountain where the birds hide from heat.

Go to sleep and wake up at the same time with the birds – you will reap all of the days golden grains.

Eat more green – you will have strong legs and a resistant heart, like the beings of the forest.

Swim often and you will feel on earth like the fish in the water.

Look at the sky as often as possible and your thoughts will become light and clear.

Be quiet a lot, speak little – and silence will come in your heart, and your spirit will be calm and full of peace.” (St. Seraphim)


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